CERT: Contrastive Self-supervised Learning for Language Understanding

2020-05-21T17:02:34Z (GMT) by Hongchao Fang Pengtao Xie
Pretrained language models such as BERT, GPT have shown great effectiveness in language understanding. The auxiliary predictive tasks in existing pretraining approaches are mostly defined on tokens, thus may not be able to capture sentence-level semantics very well. To address this issue, we propose CERT: Contrastive self-supervised Encoder Representations from Transformers, which pretrains language representation models using contrastive self-supervised learning at the sentence level. CERT creates augmentations of original sentences using back-translation. Then it finetunes a pretrained language encoder (e.g., BERT) by predicting whether two augmented sentences originate from the same sentence. CERT is simple to use and can be flexibly plugged into any pretraining-finetuning NLP pipeline. We evaluate CERT on three language understanding tasks: CoLA, RTE, and QNLI. CERT outperforms BERT significantly.