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Channel Parameter Studies with a Biocompatible Testbed for Molecular Communication: Methods and Data

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posted on 2023-04-26, 03:50 authored by Max BartunikMax Bartunik, Janina Teller, Georg FischerGeorg Fischer, Jens KirchnerJens Kirchner

Testbeds play an essential role in the development of real-life molecular communication applications and experimental validation of communication channel models. Although some testbed concepts have been published in recent years, very few setups are inherently suitable for biomedical applications. Furthermore, systematic experimental data of a wide parameter field for molecular communication is scarce and often difficult to generate. In this work, a biocompatible testbed for molecular communication with magnetic nanoparticles is used to investigate a series of transmission channel parameters. The observed results are discussed in the context of a laminar flow channel. All experimental data regarding the parameter studies as well as an additional data set for a large binary transmission sequence is provided as a supplement to this publication. The data is available on a public server to allow for further use by other researchers.


Collaborative project: Macroscopic Molecular Communication - MAMOKO - Subproject: Transmitter and Receiver Concepts for the Transmission of Information in Liquid Media

Federal Ministry of Education and Research

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