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Characterization of the PAZ X band SAR Using the HITCHHIKER Ground Receiver

posted on 2021-04-22, 05:35 authored by Florian BehnerFlorian Behner, Simon Reuter, Holger Nies, Juan Manuel Cuerda Munoz, Marcos Garcia Rodriguez, Otmar Loffeld
With the start of the Spanish PAZ system, another earth observation satellite has become available to the scientific community. Following the launch of the PAZ science phase, we performed a number of ground experiments using different modes of the satellites SAR instrument, measuring the transmitted radar signal as well as its ground reflections using the HITCHHIKER receiver. The data acquired in these experiments is analyzed and used in collaboration with the PAZ calibration team at INTA to characterize the PAZ instrument and thus verify the system calibration. Further we obtained bistatic radar images from the data of the HITCHHIKER ground receiver.


DFG NI-1081/5.2



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