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CiteScore-Based Quartiles for Scientometric Analysis

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posted on 2020-07-17, 14:36 authored by Mohammad R. KhosraviMohammad R. Khosravi, Varun G. Menon
This study intends to review and discuss some topics around CiteScore (here abbreviated as CS) which is a new citation impact indicator of Scopus. Qualitative analysis of journals based on scientometric indicators has been usual and is a good way of rapid evaluation of them. Here, we use them to reach a conclusion. We believe that reliability of CiteScore-based quartile is more and this index is preferred because in comparison to IF-based quartile, there are some reasons of preference of CS. In addition, CS can provide a more natural perception on citations compared to SJR-based quartile computation. The result of this study can be considered as a proof that both types of SJR- and CiteScore-based quartiles should not be assumed as baseline of quality evaluations at the same time.


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