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Communication and Networking Technologies for UAVs: A Survey

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posted on 2020-09-04, 20:50 authored by chathuranga basnayakachathuranga basnayaka
With the advancement in drone technology;
in just a few years; drones will be assisting humans
in every domain: But there are many challenges to
be tackled; communication being the chief one: This
paper aims at providing insights into the latest UAV
(Unmanned Aerial Vehicle ) communication technolo-
gies through investigation of suitable task modules;
antennas; resource handling platforms; and network
architectures: Additionally; we explore techniques such
as machine learning and path planning to enhance exist-
ing drone communication methods:Encryption and opti-
mization techniques for ensuring long􀀀lasting and se-
cure communications; as well as for power management;
are discussed:Moreover; applications of UAV networks
for di?erent contextual uses ranging from navigation to
surveillance; URLLC (Ultra-reliable and low􀀀latency
communications); edge computing and work related
to arti?cial intelligence are examined: In particular;
the intricate interplay between UAV; advanced cellu-
lar communication; and internet of things constitutes
one of the focal points of this paper: The survey en-
compasses lessons learned; insights; challenges; open
issues; and future directions in UAV communications:


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