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Compact Modeling and SPICE Simulation of GCMO-Based Resistive Switching Devices

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posted on 2022-02-22, 04:06 authored by Enrique MirandaEnrique Miranda, Ville Lähteenlahti, Hannu Huhtinen, Alejandro Schulman, Petriina Paturi

This work reports a compact behavioral model for the hysteretic conduction characteristics of Al/Gd0.1Ca0.9MnO3(GCMO)/Au resistive switching devices suitable for SPICE simulations. The devices are nonvolatile, forming-less, compliance-free, and self-rectifying multistate memristive structures which makes them of maximum interest for neuromorphic computing and memory applications. The proposed model relies on two coupled equations, one for the electron transport and a second one for the vacancy displacement. The proposed model considers a novel approach for solving the internal state of the device based on the so-called generalized quasi-static hysteron whose application can be extended to other structures and dynamics in addition to the ones discussed here.


Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación, Spain (TEC2017-84321-C4-4-R)

Academy of Finland (Project 308285)

Nokia Foundation


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