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Comprehensive-Double Slit Experiments Violating Wave Description and Trajectory Description ---Exploring Mystery of Double Slit Experiments

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posted on 2022-02-16, 05:22 authored by hui penghui peng

Young’s double slit experiments, which represent the mystery of quantum mechanics (Feynman), have been described by optics, electromagnetic wave theory, quantum wave theory and Bohm’s trajectory theory. The double slit has the varieties of the applications. To test the description theories, we perform the comprehensive double slit experiments, which show that (1) before passing through the double slit/cross-double slit and before landing on the screen, the laser light behaves as particles, not as waves; (2) the experiments challenge the computer simulation of the trajectory theory at near field, however support the trajectory theory at far field. Those novel phenomena provide the comprehensive information for further theoretical development and applications.


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