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Comprehensive Modeling of Switching Behaviour in BEOL FeFET for Monolithic 3D Integration

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posted on 2023-04-28, 20:19 authored by shubham kumarshubham kumar, simon thomann, om prakash, kai ni, Yogesh Singh Chauhan, Hussam AmrouchHussam Amrouch

We have developed a comprehensive modeling framework to explain the switching characteristics of BEOL-compatible FeFET with an amorphous IGZO channel. Our TCAD-based modeling framework, calibrated against measurement data, jointly incorporates a) the distributed channel, b) a physics- based nucleation-limited switching dynamics model for multi- domain ferroelectric polarization (PFE) and c) the domain-domain interaction. To our knowledge, this is the first demonstration of a physics-based comprehensive model of BEOL-compatible FeFET. Our model reproduces and explains the experimentally- observed abrupt current jumps in the reverse and forward DC sweeps. Further, our model is capable of processing arbitrary input waveforms such as quasi-DC and different kinds of pulse trains used in neuromorphic applications. This comprehensive modeling framework would enable researchers to explore the BEOL FeFET applications and guide device optimization and development.


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