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Concepts of Antenna Design for RFID Systems: A review and a practical Application

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posted on 2022-08-09, 05:19 authored by Mohammed Riyaz AhmedMohammed Riyaz Ahmed

Antenna design is crucial for the continuous development of RFID systems as antennas are indispensable and influence system performance. The need for efficient antennas while being small and lightweight has attracted engineers and researchers for the study and development of it. RFID antenna design is more sophisticated art as compared to the conventional ones. Generally, tag antenna will be small, mobile, passive and linearly polarised while reader antennas are fixed, bulk and are circularly polarized. As such, many proposals were made by the scientific community to try and alleviate the issue using different types of antennas, feeds, and substrates and their combinations. However, the wide range of solutions and their diversity make it hard to have a clear and fair overview of the different works. This paper surveys the most relevant and recent known state-of-theart antenna design for RFID applications. Along with basic rules, clues and guidelines about efficient antenna design; we show an example of dual-band circularly polarized reader antenna developed in our lab for practical applications.


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