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Concurrent Plantar Stress Sensing and Energy Harvesting Technique by Piezoelectric Insole Device and Rectifying Circuitry for Gait Monitoring in the Internet of Health Things

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posted on 2020-03-17, 18:02 authored by Shuaibo Kang, Jingjing Lin, Junliang Chen, Yanning DaiYanning Dai, Zhiheng Wang, Shuo GaoShuo Gao
Concurrent high force detection accuracy and extended battery lifetime are expected for wearable gait monitoring systems. In this article, a piezoelectric insole device and rectifying circuitry-based technique is presented to achieve these two goals. Here, walking induced positive and negative charges are separated for plantar stress detection and energy harvesting respectively, realizing the two functions concurrently. The high detection sensitivity of 55 mN and responsivity of 231 mV/N are achieved, satisfying the need for diagnosing various diseases. 1.6 pJ is stored during a walking event, extending the battery lifetime. The developed technique enhances the development of gait monitoring in IoHT.


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