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Conditions of Existence and Uniqueness of Limit Cycle for Grid-connected VSC with PLL

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posted on 2022-06-21, 22:39 authored by Yujun LiYujun Li

This paper investigates the large disturbance stability of single voltage source converter (VSC) connected to the infinite bus system through the transmission line. One conservative stable region is obtained via the direct method of Lyapunov. Based on the Poincaré Theorem, it is interesting to find there might exist limit cycle between the obtained stable boundary and the angle of unstable equilibrium point (UEP). Accordingly, the nonlinear damping effect on the system stability is defined, and one limit cycle exists when the positive and negative damping effect over one period is mutually balanced. A conservative existence condition of limit cycle is further derived by constructing a proper piece-wise curve to approximate one specified unstable system trajectory. The derived analytical existence condition can directly predict the limit cycle without numerical simulations. Finally, the paper also proves that the studied dynamic system has at most one limit cycle, and if it exists, it is unstable. 


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