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Cybernetics Interfaces and Networks: intuitions as a toolbox

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posted on 2022-10-05, 18:18 authored by Lorenzo MoriondoLorenzo Moriondo

    Human activities are progressively defined by interactions with products that embed increasingly higher levels of immaterial component (software, patents, design principles and patterns). After presenting the continuity between seminal concepts in Cybernetics, Information Theory, Network Analysis, AI practices on one side and cognitive behaviour, by leveraging a minimalist approach to cybernetic systems based on the concept of capacity of network, the text tries to establish the concept of interface to define logical rule-based automata that can be considered shareable instances of a self-modeling approach to consciousness. In first instance a rule-based descriptive construct for an 'economy of information exchange' between systems (or an 'economy of time'); and in second instance a rule-based construct for approaching the hard problem of consciousness in humans.
These are critical waypoints in navigating fast-growing knowledge-intensive landscapes. This review into patterns of growing complexity is concluded with an hypothesis that aims to extend Ashby's definition of machine to include interfaces to enable self-modeling for possibly intelligent digital machines. From this collection of intuition, conclusion tries to define a clearer pathway to tackle the difficult problems of positioning biological and digital machines in the sentience-intelligence-consciousness spectrum. The final conjecture is that human-level (general) intelligence will be achievable only by machines with capabilities to adjust or control the growth-development of their programmatic interfaces. 


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