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DA-AFM for Ultra PV and Wind Energy Integration

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posted on 2021-02-25, 08:19 authored by Wenfeng Wan, Mikhail BraginMikhail Bragin, Peter LuhPeter Luh, Peng ZhangPeng Zhang
This paper presents distributed and asynchronous active fault management (DA-AFM) to manage renewable energy upon faults. Addressed here are two challenges in fault management for photovoltaic (PV) farms and wind farms. The first one is the activation of crowbars in doubly-fed induction generator (DFIG) wind turbine systems during fault ride-though. The activation undesirably makes DFIG-based wind farms lose control and absorb reactive power. The second challenge is implementation of distributed fault management for distinct PV farms with different objectives and constraints. Coordination for large number of PV farms facilitates integration of themselves and other renewable energy. To prevent crowbars from being activated, DA-AFM controls nearby PV farms’ interface converters to smooth voltage drops so that DFIGs experience voltages with a lower dropping speed. To enable distributed computation of DA-AFM's optimization formulation, a distributed and asynchronous surrogate Lagrangian relaxation (DA-SLR) method is devised to coordinate a cluster of PV farms. Simulation results have demonstrated DA-AFM's effectiveness in preventing crowbars' activation in wind farms and in coordinating diverse PV farms.


National Science Foundation under Grants ECCS-2002897, CNS-2006828 and ECCS-2018492.

Department of Navy award N00014-20-1-2858.


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