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DNAP: Dynamic Nuchwezi Architecture Platform - A New Software Extension and Construction Technology

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posted on 2020-11-03, 17:33 authored by Joseph Willrich LutaloJoseph Willrich Lutalo, Odongo Steven EyobuOdongo Steven Eyobu, Benjamin Kanagwa
The need to improve or build new software systems to solve new and old business challenges is a persistent challenge in
the software consumer and development industry, yet costly. To minimize these costs, the construction method should be designed with the following qualities in mind; software portability, extensibility, and simplicity. To achieve these qualities, this paper proposes the Dynamic Nuchwezi Architecture Platform (DNAP), which is a new software construction and extension technology. DNAP offers a
visual programming paradigm with a capability of generating production-ready business automation software for both mobile and web. It also offers a simple mechanism for the extension of existing softwares using embeddable components. To evaluate and justify DNAP, eight Software Operating Environment (SOE) metrics have been developed and together with the SOE model, are used to contrast
DNAP against four alternative software construction technologies namely; Android Platform, .NET Framework, Java SE Platform and Python. The performance evaluation results show that DNAP offers an average of 33% reduction in software construction complexity and an 11% enhancement in language efficiency when compared to alternative technologies.


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