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Data Security in Distributed Environments

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posted on 2022-12-12, 20:23 authored by Ishu GuptaIshu Gupta, Smruti RekhaSmruti Rekha, Ashutosh Kumar Singh

This article comprehensively studies data security in cloud computing environments and presents ideas for solving everyday computing issues. Cloud Computing (CC) is a shared pool of resources that allocates those computing resources to cloud clients over the internet. CC provides a set of controls that act as controls between cloud users and storage. Storage has played a crucial role in the cloud and has become ubiquitous among organizations and clients. Nevertheless, various issues such as security, information protection, interoperability, and consistent quality should be defined appropriately. However, the underlying problem is data security and how cloud providers ensure it. Safe and secure protection technology is indispensable for exchanging information between clouds. Encryption technology is used to provide data security in cloud environments. Numerous cryptography algorithms exist to transform plain text to cipher text before placing the data in the cloud to ensure security.


National Institute of Technology, Kurukshetra


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