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Data Summarization in Internet of Things

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posted on 2022-02-22, 06:23 authored by Sri Aditya DeeviSri Aditya Deevi, Manoj B. S.

With recent advances in the field of IoT (Internet of Things), the quantity of data being generated by various sensors and Internet users has increased dramatically which in turn has skyrocketed the need for efficient data compression methods. Data summarization is an efficient and effective technique for data compression that can generate a brief and succinct summary from typically larger quantities of data in an intelligent and highly useful manner, which can be done at various levels of abstraction. The impact of using such a technique in large IoT networks can be significantly advantageous in terms of reduction in the processing time, overall computation, data storage-transmission requirements, energy consumption and possible workload on IoT users. In this work, a review of existing methods for summarization techniques at various levels of abstraction of typical IoT networks are discussed. The levels of categorization that are considered are Low-level and High-level. Under each abstraction level, various techniques are further classified while briefly describing their essential characters.


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