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Dataset for a Norwegian medium and low voltage power distribution system with industrial loads

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posted on 2022-10-18, 19:20 authored by Susanne SandellSusanne Sandell, Daniel Bjerkehagen, Bjørn Birkeland, Iver Bakken SperstadIver Bakken Sperstad

This reference data set describes a representative Norwegian radial, medium voltage (MV) electric power distribution system operated at 22 kV. The data set is developed in the Norwegian research centre CINELDI and will in brief be referred to as the CINELDI MV reference system.

Data for a real Norwegian distribution system were provided by a distribution grid company. The data have been anonymized and processed to obtain a simplified but still realistic grid model with 124 nodes. The data set consists of the following three parts:

1. Grid data files: describe the base version of the reference system that represents the present-day state of the grid, including information about topology, electrical parameters, and existing load points.

2. Load data files: comprise load demand time series for a year with hourly resolution and scenarios for the possible long-term development of peak load. These data describe an extended version of the reference system with information about possible new load points being added to the system in the future.

3. Reliability data files: contain data necessary for carrying out reliability of supply analyses for the system.

This work is funded by CINELDI - Centre for intelligent electricity distribution, an 8 year Research Centre under the FME-scheme (Centre for Environment-friendly Energy Research, 257626/E20). The authors gratefully acknowledge the financial support from the Research Council of Norway and the CINELDI partners. The work is also funded by ChiNoZen - a Chinese-Norwegian collaboration project (Grant No. 2019YFE0104900).




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