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DeepVisInterests : Deep data analysis for topics of interests prediction

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posted on 2021-09-24, 00:40 authored by Onsa LazzezOnsa Lazzez, Adel AlimiAdel Alimi, Wael OuardaWael Ouarda
Deep data analysis for latent information prediction has been an important research area. Many of the existing solutions have used the textual data and have obtained an accurate results for predicting users' interests and other latent attributes. However, little attention has been paid to visual data that is becoming increasingly popular in recent times. In this paper, we addresses the problem of discovering the attributed interest and of analyzing the performance of the automatic prediction using a comparison with the self assessed topics of interest (topics of interest provided by the user in a proposed questionnaire) based on data analysis techniques applied on the users visual data. We analyze the content of each user's images to aggregate the image-level users' interests distribution in order to obtain the user-level users' interest distribution. To do this, we employ the pretrained ImageNet convolutional neural networks architectures for the feature extraction step and to construct the ontology, as the users' interests model, in order to learn the semantic representation for the popular topics of interests defined by social networks (e.g., Facebook). Our experimental studies show that this analysis, on the most relevant features, enhances the performance of the prediction framework. In order to improve our framework's robustness and generalization with unknown users' profiles, we propose a novel database evaluation. Our proposed framework provided promising results which are competitive to state-of-the-art techniques with an accuracy of 0.80.


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