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Deep CNN with Skip Connection and Network in Network for Super-Resolving Blurry Text Images

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posted on 2022-05-25, 15:36 authored by Hala NejiHala Neji

Deep convolutional neural networks (Deep CNN) have achieved hopeful performancefor single image super-resolution. In particular, the Deep CNN skip Connection andNetwork in Network (DCSCN) architecture has been successfully applied to naturalimages super-resolution. In this work we propose an approach called SDT-DCSCN thatjointly performs super-resolution and deblurring of low-resolution blurry text imagesbased on DCSCN. Our approach uses subsampled blurry images in the input and origi-nal sharp images as ground truth. The used architecture is consists of a higher numberof filters in the input CNN layer to a better analysis of the text details. The quantitativeand qualitative evaluation on different datasets prove the high performance of our modelto reconstruct high-resolution and sharp text images. In addition, in terms of computa-tional time, our proposed method gives competitive performance compared to state ofthe art methods.


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