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Design an IT Policy Implementation Plan

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posted on 2021-05-12, 13:20 authored by Saman SarrafSaman Sarraf, Milton Kabia
Information technology (IT) companies implement multi-dimensional policy plans that include procedures, sub-plans, and instructions to outline their business scopes, targets, and communications. This work outlined the IT policy implementation plan designed by an imaginary company with a random name called Northcentral Cloud Consulting Firm (NCCF), containing proposed IT policies, milestones and roadmaps, control framework, stakeholder responsibilities, knowledge transfer plan, and leadership roles. As NCCF’s major customers seek data-driven solutions in cloud computing, the NCCF IT policy plan provides various data policies, including security and proper usage of machine learning services. The plan offers a detailed roadmap of its financial, geographical, and reputational expansion within three years. The IT policy plan also compromises an IT risk management, contingency, and emergency communication plan, mainly for protecting data and business continuity. Stakeholder responsibilities are incorporated into the IT policy plan, as NCCF considers any engagement with its customers as a collaborative effort in which both parties have and share several responsibilities.


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