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Design and Optimization of Litz-Wire Planar Spiral Coil for Inductive Power Transfer Application

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posted on 2023-04-07, 15:17 authored by Weihao ZhaoWeihao Zhao, Yingzhou Peng, Shen Zhan, Huai WangHuai Wang

Litz wire planar spiral coils are widely used in inductive power transfer systems due to low power loss in high-frequency operation and low profile. However, the complicated structure of the litz wire coil imposes difficulties in estimating the frequency-dependent resistance and quality factor accurately. In this work, we present an 2D analytical model for calculating the frequency-dependent resistance and quality factor of multi-coil inductive power transfer systems based on superposition of different loss effects. Its accuracy is validated with multiple coils and litz wires over wide frequency range. Meanwhile, a fast and accurate multi-objective optimization method is developed to improve the product quality factor and coupling factor. From the optimization results, there are five factors affecting the quality factor and coupling factor. A set of design guidelines is proposed to cope with these design factors. The final prototypes show 33\% increase in quality factor and 23\% improvement in coupling factor compared with the state-of-the-art designs. Meanwhile, a 30W, 500kHz inductive power transfer system is designed with 91\% peak efficiency.


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