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Distributed discrete-time convex optimization with closed convex set constraints: Linearly convergent algorithm design

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posted on 2022-06-01, 14:43 authored by Meng LuanMeng Luan, Guanghui Wen, Hongzhe liu, tingwen huang, Guanrong Chen, wenwu yu

The convergence rate and applicability to directed graphs with interaction topologies are two important features for practical applications of distributed optimization algorithms. In this paper, a new kind of fast distributed discrete-time algorithms is developed for solving convex optimization problems with closed convex set constraints over directed interaction networks. Under the gradient tracking framework, two distributed algorithms are respectively designed over balanced and unbalanced graphs, where momentum terms and two time-scales are involved. Furthermore, it is demonstrated that the designed distributed algorithms attain linear speedup convergence rates provided that the momentum coefficients and the step-size are appropriately selected. Finally, numerical simulations verify the effectiveness and the global accelerated effect of the designed algorithms.


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