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Dynamic Average Consensus for Power Balancing of a Cluster of Interlinking Converters in AC/DC Microgrids under Economic Dispatch and Delays

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posted on 2022-06-09, 02:22 authored by Manuel Martinez GomezManuel Martinez Gomez, Marcos E. Orchard, Serhiy Bozhko

This work proposes a cooperative control scheme for the interlinking converters in an AC/DC microgrid performing economic dispatch. The proposal consists of a PI control that balances the incremental costs received from neighbouring units while achieving equal power-sharing between interlinking converters. The controller uses an observer (dynamic average consensus) for estimating the average power of the interlinking converter cluster. An anti-windup with reset scheme is proposed to reduce steady-state errors in presence of fixed time delays. Stability analyses are also presented as well as simulations. Both show that the proposed controller successfully balances the power between interlinking converters being comparable with similar approaches in the literature.


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