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Dynamics Modeling of Gear Transmissions with Asymmetric Load-Dependent Friction

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posted on 2022-10-19, 13:11 authored by Ryo KikuuweRyo Kikuuwe

This is the author's final version of the work. The final version of record is published in the journal Mechanism and Machine Theory and is available from:

This paper proposes a new concise mathematical model of gear transmission dynamics with asymmetric load-dependent friction. It is built only upon the rigid-contact mechanics and the Coulomb friction law, but provides a new theoretical perspective on dynamic and static characteristics of gear transmissions. The presented model is of the form of a differential-algebraic inclusion (DAI) characterized by some parameters, including input-side and output-side asymmetry coefficients. The presented model properly captures the static friction and even the non-backdrivability. It is applicable to different classes of transmissions, such as leadscrew transmissions, worm gear transmissions, and spur gear transmissions. The DAI representation is extended into a multi-dimensional representation for articulated rigid-body systems driven through joint transmissions. Moreover, simulation algorithms are derived through the implicit Euler discretization. Some simulation examples illustrate the capability of the presented simulation algorithm to reproduce load-dependent asymmetric frictional behaviors, which cannot be reproduced by conventional load-independent joint friction models.


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