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EcoFireX: An Integrated IoT Solution for Forest Fire Detection and Prevention

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posted on 2023-07-30, 12:38 authored by Pankaj GargPankaj Garg, ananya m, Saquib Ameer Khan

Forest fires have been a long-standing concern in India, as they have a devastating impact on the environment, wildlife, and natural resources. According to the Forest Survey of India (FSI), about 54% [1] of India's woods are subject to sporadic fires. Many factors, such as natural causes like lightning or human-made factors like negligence, accidents, or even arson, can lead to these fires.  

To address this concern, an IoT-based fire detector system is proposed in this paper, which employs various sensors such as DHT sensor, flame sensor, and MQ135 sensor, along with an alarming system. The sensors are connected to the Arduino UNO microcontroller, which collects data and calculates the intensity of the fire using a proposed formula. If the intensity exceeds a predefined threshold, an alerting mechanism is activated, and the data is transmitted to the cloud for analysis using graphical widgets and graphs.


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