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Accurate and Simple Modeling of Eddy Current Braking Torque: Analysis and Experimental Validation

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posted on 2022-08-25, 18:13 authored by Abdullah MahfouzAbdullah Mahfouz

A simple and a straightforward mathematical modeling of the eddy current generated on a retarded rotating disk (RD) is proposed in this paper. First, the braking magnetic force, which curbs the movement of the disk is evaluated using the basic laws of electromagnetism. Second, the braking torque is related to the braking force through a polynomial function. Third, the equation of motion is derived considering the nonlinear behavior of the aerodynamic drag forces. The proposed model is validated experimentally for constant and alternating magnetic flux profiles with best fit rates (BFRs) more than 85% and 93% for both rotational velocity and braking torque, respectively. Programmable braking application is demonstrated using the proposed approach and its applicability is verified experimentally


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