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Electromechanical simulation of a Pointing System Model for Satellite Optical communication

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posted on 2022-03-03, 04:53 authored by Federico Del MondoFederico Del Mondo, Anna Gregorio, Stefano Seriani, Paolo Gallina
Implementation of a two Degrees of Freedom Pointing System model to enable ship-satellite communication
with the aim of creating self driving cargo ships.
The Pointing System is similar to a telescope in terms of Degrees of Freedom (Azimuth and Elevation) and the model
kinematics definition was possible using MSC ADAMS software. The model was exported to a Simulink block in order to
generate the control block diagram and than an ADAMS-Simulink Co-simulation. The acquisition and orbital
propagation errors for the satellite and the acquisition errors of ship motions have been taken into consideration in the
control system generation. The main goal is to evaluate the pointing motion to verify the satellite’s locking with the
adopted optical communication technologies. In order to reduce pointing error, scanning strategies were considered and
the scanning amplitude and frequency values used for the choice of piezoelectric actuators for the optical component.


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