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Enabling Real-Time Remote Monitoring of Ships by Lossless Protocol Transformations

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posted on 2023-03-17, 19:44 authored by Giacomo LongoGiacomo Longo, Alessandro Orlich, Alessio Merlo, Enrico Russo

This paper uses data processing techniques to reduce the required transmission bandwidth in ship-to-shore communications. The proposed framework (ONline Efficient Sources Transmission Optimizer - ONESTO) leverages state-of-the-art technologies and novel algorithms to automatically optimize transmissions under structural (e.g., available bandwidth, fixed packet overhead) and user-defined (e.g., maximum latency) constraints. In addition, ONESTO authenticates and encrypts the communication between the ship and the shore via mainstream free and open-source software components. Initially, we present the abstract mathematical formulation of the problem, with its assumptions, goal function, constraints, and significant quantities. Then, we introduce the architecture of a system capable of continuously estimating the compressibility, processing and transmission time of streaming data. Such estimations allow ONESTO to calculate and apply optimal parameters for achieving the best compression ratio. Lastly, using a prototypical implementation, we evaluate the system performance with a Class B ship simulator on two realistic use cases. Our experiments show an excellent compression ratio with maritime protocols (more than 40:1) and a limited latency impact, demonstrating the approach’s viability.


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