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Energy-Efficient Resource Allocation for 6G Backscatter-Enabled NOMA IoV Networks

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posted on 2021-08-11, 12:10 authored by Wali Ullah KhanWali Ullah Khan, Muhammad Awais Javed, Tu N. Nguyen, Shafiullah Khan, Basem M. Elhalawany
This paper proposes an energy-efficient resource allocation framework for the AmBC-enabled NOMA IoV network under imperfect Successive Interference Cancellation (SIC) decoding. In particular, multiple Road-Side Units (RSUs) transmit superimposed signals to their associated IoVs utilizing downlink NOMA transmission. Meanwhile, the Backscatter Tags (BackTags) also transmit data symbols towards nearby IoVs by reflecting the superimposed signals of RSUs. Thus, the objective is to maximize the total energy efficiency of the NOMA IoV network subject to the minimum data rate of all IoVs. A joint problem that simultaneously optimizes the total power budget of each RSU, power allocation coefficient of IoVs and reflection power of BackTags under imperfect SIC decoding is formulated.


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