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Enhancing Firefighting Efficiency: Manual ESC-equipped Quadcopters with KK 2.1.5 Flight Controller and Fire Extinguisher Balls

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posted on 2023-05-12, 15:21 authored by Vivek UpadhyayVivek Upadhyay, YASH SINGH, JAIJIT REHAL, HANUPRIYA DEORA, Parag Narkhede

In recent years, drones have been increasingly adopted in firefighting operations to enhance the safety and efficiency of firefighters. Firefighting drones are unmanned aerial vehicles that are equipped with advanced sensors and cameras that can detect, monitor and map wildfires from above. They can also provide real-time data on fire behaviour, weather conditions, and other critical information to help firefighters make informed decisions in their efforts to contain and extinguish fires. This paper provides an overview of firefighting drones with fire extinguisher balls, their applications, and their potential impact on modern firefighting operations. We examine the capabilities of drones in detecting, monitoring, and extinguishing fires, and discuss the benefits and limitations of using drones in firefighting. The paper also highlights some of the challenges associated with drone use, including regulatory, technical, and ethical issues, and provides recommendations for the future of this technology in firefighting. Overall, this paper underscores the need for continued research and development of firefighting drones to fully harness their potential in modern firefighting. 


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