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Exploration of Unaccounted Energy Loss Due To Day-On- Street Lights Within The Chandragiri Mandal of Tirupati District, Andhra Pradesh State

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posted on 2023-04-14, 19:04 authored by Leleedhar Rao KolaLeleedhar Rao Kola

As a responsible citizen of any nation it is to accept that knowingly no part of energy must get unutilized or wasted. The content in the manuscript is a real-time research work carried out to identify the energy loss due to the day-on-street lights within 80 sub villages belonging to one Mandal of Tirupati District (India) due to human inattention.

The research findings are very incredulous that considerable amount of energy which can be recovered is getting wasted and hence immediate action is deemed necessary. The presented findings may influence the readers to some extent and make them realize to focus on the means of recovering the real time energy loss at-least to the extent possible.  

The proposed content in the paper could no doubt be helpful for the policy makers and concerned electricity authorities to take immediate action to avoid unwanted loss of electricity within their purview.  


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