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Exponential stabilization of stochastic quantum systems via combined feedback control

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posted on 2021-03-08, 21:54 authored by Jie WenJie Wen, Yuanhao Shi, Jianfang Jia, Jianchao Zeng
We propose a novel control strategy by combining state feedback and noise-assisted feedback to exponentially stabilize the target eigenstate for two-level stochastic quantum systems in this paper. The state space is divided into two subspaces, and the state feedback and noise-assisted feedback work in the corresponding subspace, respectively, to achieve the faster state convergence than that of using the two feedback strategies individually. Two kinds of continuous noise-assisted feedback controls are used to form the combined feedback strategies, respectively, and the exponential stabilization of target eigenstate is proved. The effectiveness and superiority of the combined feedback strategies are also verified in numerical simulations.


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