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FC1: A Powerful, Non-Deterministic, Symmetric Key Cipher

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posted on 2022-05-25, 23:21 authored by Michele FabbriniMichele Fabbrini

 In this paper we describe a symmetric key algorithm that offers an unprecedented grade of confidentiality. Based on the uniqueness of the modular multiplicative inverse of a positive integer a modulo n and on its computability in a polynomial time, this non-deterministic cipher can easily and quickly handle keys of millions or billions of bits that an attacker does not even know the length of. The algorithm’s primary key is the modulo, while the ciphertext is given by the concatenation of the modular inverse of blocks of plaintext whose length is randomly chosen within a predetermined range. In addition to the full specification, we present a working implementation of it in Julia Programming Language, accompanied by real examples of encryption and decryption.


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