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Failure Recovery of Data Plane in SDN

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posted on 2022-03-16, 02:53 authored by Nauman khanNauman khan
Software-defined networking (SDN) plays a vital role in enterprise-networking and wide area networking. While it also has an emerging role in other wireless technologies such as 5G and IoT (Internet of Things), The growing number of strict SLA applications on the internet requires the network to be more scalable and fault tolerant. There is a need for research to evaluate the current state of the art of solutions in SDN and their emerging roles in other technologies. This study used a systematic literature review methodology to conduct this research. AS part of the survey, we reviewed 188 papers from 2010- 2021 and got 70 papers more relevant for our work. We only covered papers written in English. This research tries to help network engineers, administrators, and academic researchers in the domain of networking, find a better fault-tolerant solution for data plane in SDN.


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