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Fast Phase Recognition of Mechanical Helical Phased Array Antenna Element Based on Line-Scan Machine Vision

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posted on 2023-07-14, 16:01 authored by Chang Guo, Song QiuSong Qiu, Tailai Ni, Bangji Wang, Qingxiang Liu

Mechanical helical phased array antenna (HPAA) realizes microwave beam directing by mechanically rotating the helical antenna element. Measuring and calibrating the phase of the HPAA, which can be simplified to measure and calibrate the phase of each helical antenna element, is significant important to evaluate the antenna performance. To realise fast phase measurement and calibration of element antenna, this paper proposed a line-scan machine vision (MV) strategy. A prototype MV system combining a line-scan camera and a guide rail structure to acquire the image of helical antenna element is designed and proposed.


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