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Formal Proofs of Orthogonality for Class-Incremental Learning for Wireless Device Identification in IoT

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posted on 2021-05-19, 20:39 authored by Yongxin LiuYongxin Liu, Jian Wang, Jianqiang Li, Shuteng Niu, Houbing Song

This document provides a formal proof and supple- mentary information of the paper: Class-Incremental Learning for Wireless Device Identification in IoT. The original paper focuses on providing a novel and efficient incremental learning algorithm. In this document, we explicitly explain why the mem- ory representations (latent device fingerprints in our application) in Artificial Neural Networks approximate orthogonality with insights for the invention of our Channel Separation Incremental Learning algorithm.


This research was partially supported by the National Sci- ence Foundation under Grant No. 1956193.


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