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Gait Analysis for Surveillance

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posted on 2022-03-28, 14:59 authored by Deepak NDeepak N, Joel Chris, Anish N, Abdul Kareem, Prof. Sharon M
A gait is a pattern of limb movements made during locomotion. Human gaits are the various ways in which a human can move, either naturally or as a result of specialized training. A person's gait is as unique as their voice timbre. With the development of Computer Vision (CV) techniques, there are many approaches to human identification by movement in video, using natural biometric characteristics (the human skeleton, silhouette, change while walking) and abstract features. A gait recognition system uses the shape of the human body and the way it moves in order to identify it. ML-based systems can identify a person from an image even if their face is out of view, turned away from the camera, or concealed behind a mask. The system analyzes the silhouette, height, speed, and walking characteristics and identifies the individual. Gait recognition is unlikely to be outsmarted — every person's gait has no duplicates.


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