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Gamification and Serious Games for Cybersecurity Awareness and First Responders Training: An overview

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posted on 2023-04-25, 13:14 authored by Zisis BatzosZisis Batzos, Theocharis Saoulidis, Dimitrios Margounakis, Eleftherios Fountoukidis, Elisavet Grigoriou, Achilleas Moukoulis, Antonios Sarigiannidis, Athanasios Liatifis, Paris-Alexandros Karypidis, Stamatia Bibi, Adam Filippidis, Ioannis Kazanidis, Sokratis Nifakos, Timo Kasig, Mohammad Heydari, Haralambos Mouratidis

Gamification has been characterized as the usage of video game elements in non-game environments. Gamification in cybersecurity awareness training can lead to more engaging interactions, greater pleasure, and increased security. Serious games are becoming increasingly popular since they allow learning in a natural setting. Although many of the principles covered in cybersecurity awareness training are universal, many forms of training fail because they rely on rote learning and do not require users to think about security concepts. The primary goal of this research is to conduct a review of the literature on cybersecurity awareness training methodologies and frameworks, as well as serious games that may be used to raise awareness among people, organizations, and first responders.


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