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Graph-based Deep Learning for Spatial Reuse Optimization in Dense WLAN Deployments

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posted on 2022-03-23, 10:29 authored by Stephen AzeezStephen Azeez

Dataset description: This is the dataset generated for to access each APs signal strength. In particular, the to output a prediction function of possible interference between two interacting APs. The features included in the dataset are:

Id - Identifier of the APs

X – position on the AP in each office in the X- direction (from the bottom left)

Y - position on the AP in each office in the Y- direction (from the bottom left)

Distance – distance between the transmitting AP and receiver

Obstacles – Number of possible walls to the signal propagation

Path Loss - Path loss between the transmitting APs

RSSI – signal strength obtained from the AP

AP1,AP2 – Interaction between Access points


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