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Grativation origin

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posted on 2021-09-28, 07:01 authored by Physicist Zheng shengmingPhysicist Zheng shengming
In the process of humanity searching for beauty and secret of nature; people have been gradually getting familiar with many interactions in nature. Today, the whole diversity of naturally occurring forces can be reduced to four fundamental types of interaction: gravitational, weak, electromagnetic, and strong. Obviously, this kind of classification approach is based on their interaction characteristics rather than based on the mechanism of what how give rise to these four types of force. Until today, people still have no notion of their origin mechanism. Namely humanity does not know what is responsible for the origin of these forces. In order to answer their origin, I did some experiments and discovered that moving photons generate gravitation. This discovery come to light the origin of gravitation. In a word, these experiments indicate that moving of elementary particles bring on interaction force what appearing behavior of gravitation, and this interaction lead to gravitational force in the macro world. Meanwhile these discoveries application in the macro world point out the meaning of law of Universal gravitation, and solve some enigmas which law of Universal gravitation have not solved until today. These works reveal the origin of gravitation.


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