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Heat transfer through brick walls for designing the building fabric

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posted on 2021-11-12, 17:31 authored by Abhishek BhardwajAbhishek Bhardwaj, MANORANJAN RATH, Keshav Pareek, KUMAR AAYUSH
The main aim of the study is to analyze the heat transfer through the clay brick walls of the residential building to find out the dominant mode of heat transfer and incorporate various materials in the wall to reduce heat loss and increase energy efficiency. The transient thermal analysis was performed using the finite element method, and by employing a CFD program focused on heat transfer processes. Later, two models of building wall fragments incorporating the Phase change materials were developed to identify the optimal position of the PCM layer inside the wall and to investigate the role of PCM on the heat transfer rate. Insulation was done with the different types of plywood and finite element simulation was performed to study the change in heat transfer rate. Inserting plywood into the sandwich material with Chinese plywood can reduce the heat transfer content.


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