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High efficiency sensing - dominates "compressed sensing"

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posted on 2023-04-10, 13:31 authored by Xiteng LiuXiteng Liu

In this paper, we exemplify a new mathematical theory and method for data prediction, interpolation and acquisition, called “high efficiency sensing.” Compressed sensing theory is the most sensational topic of scientific research in the past century. The original paper was unprecedentedly cited over 30,000 times in only 15 years. Compressed sensing purports to exert data compression at the phase of data acquisition, but turns out to massively lose data quality. Based on insight into flaws of compressed sensing theory and crucial discovery of a series of new logical phenomena, our high efficiency sensing method radically rectifies mathematical rationale and immensely improves technical performance in vast dominance. The core method is simple yet powerful. It runs hundreds of thousand times faster in computation. Even better, it duplicates data information in various domains altogether while boosting data dimension. In consequence, prediction and interpolation conform to the waveform of samples without loss or distortion. The deep copy ensures the high quality of resulting data set. Demo software and test data are downloadable at website


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