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Impact of Wireless-Powered Communications in Coexisting Mobile Networks

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posted on 2020-02-28, 10:20 authored by Luis IrioLuis Irio, Rodolfo Oliveira, Daniel B. da Costa, Mohamed-Slim Alouini
In this letter, we investigate the impact of wireless-powered communications when energy is harvested from multiple static and/or mobile wireless coexisting networks.
In a first step, we characterize the aggregate power received by a harvester node when it harnesses the energy generated by the coexisting wireless networks. Considering that the harvester node acts as a transmitter after the harvesting duration, we derive the outage probability for such coexisting scenario. In addition, the throughput achieved by the harvester node is also characterized, and the optimal harvesting duration is identified taking into account the mobility of the coexisting networks, the features of the static networks, the energy harvesting process, as well as the communication performance between the harvester node and the receiver. Our work shows that the distribution of the power received by the harvester from the coexisting networks can be accurately approximated by an $\alpha-\mu$ distribution. Moreover, the mobility also impacts on the optimal throughput of the wireless-powered communications, which is accurately confirmed by the proposed analysis and extensive simulations.


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