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Improved Design-Oriented Analytical Modelling of Switched Reluctance Machines Based on Fröhlich-Kennelly Equations

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posted on 2023-05-04, 21:13 authored by Roberto RoccaRoberto Rocca, Giulio De Donato, Paolo Bolognesi, Fabio Giulii Capponi

Early design stages of modern Switched Reluctance Machines (SRMs) are well-known for demanding the analysis of thousands of candidates. The need for reducing the computation time is, in turn, fostering the interest in design-oriented analytical approaches capable to maintain sufficient accuracy for SRMs featuring different geometries and rated operating conditions. To this end, this work proposes a novel design-oriented analytical model that predicts the flux linkage loci, i.e., a set of curves expressing the phase flux linkage as a function of both phase current and rotor position, from which the main performance are attained. The model comprises two main parts, each of them containing a novel scientific contribution: 1) a new interpolation technique for the flux loci based on second-order Fröhlich-Kennelly equations, and 2) an analytical model that caters for the flux linkage in partial overlap and saturated core conditions. Finally, the model is validated against Finite Element results of four SRMs, along with the experimental results of one of them, and its implementation in a design routine is discussed. 


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