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Improved Dynamic Event-Triggered Consensus Control for Multi-Agent Systems with Designable Inter-Event Time

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posted on 2023-05-23, 15:23 authored by Zeyuan WangZeyuan Wang, Mohammed Chadli

This paper considers the leader-following consensus control for linear multi-agent systems. Two improved dynamic event-triggered control frameworks are proposed. The first is based on a moving average approach, whereas the second is a fully-distributed control scheme based on a well-chosen Lyapunov function with rigorous proof of adjustable inter-event time. The proposed methods involve model-based estimation and clock-like auxiliary dynamic variables to eventually increase the inter-event time as long as possible. Compared to the static event-triggered strategy and the existing state-of-the-art dynamic event-triggered mechanism, the proposed approach significantly reduces the communication frequency while guaranteeing asymptotic convergence. Numerical simulations demonstrate the validity of the proposed theoretical results.


China Scholarship Council under Grant 202206020096


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