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Improvised learning for pre-primary students using augmented reality

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In this age of digital advancements, where technologies are changing in a fraction of time. From the abacus which made tutoring math easy millennia back, to word processor which changed the way research paper is being written and presented. After every era, with the advancements in the technology has not only given shaped the education but also transformed it. There was a time when the education world of black on white changed to projected presentations. However, now in this paper, we believe to go beyond the two-dimensional space and create a whole new educational world for children. Augmented Reality (AR) has successfully made classroom learning more interactive and engaging for students as well as for teachers to deliver their lectures. AR is the combination of the real-world with computer- generated world. It is one of the most emerging fields in computer science. The conventional approach for learning can be stressful and to a certain extent less effective for some students. So, we propose a system in which students use smart devices like tablets, mobile, etc. that act as an alternative to boring supportive textbooks. Also, we plan to develop an application consisting of two modules like interactive learning and fun examination, a hybrid of the traditional approach and innovative practical illustrations of complicated concepts leading education in another dimension.


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