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Interface Board for Robotic Neuromorphic Systems

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posted on 2022-09-06, 19:39 authored by Nicola RussoNicola Russo, Haochun Huang, Thomas Madsen, Konstantin NikolicKonstantin Nikolic

Neuromorphic computing is going to be the new standard in low power AI applications. The integration between new neuromorphic hardware and traditional microcontroller is an open challenge. Here we present an interface board and a communication protocol that allows the communication between different devices using a microcontroller unit (Arduino Due) in the middle. Our compact printed circuit board (PCB) board links different devices as a whole system and provides power supply for the entire system using batteries as power source. Specifically, we have connected a Dynamic Vision Sensor (DVS128), SpiNNaker board and a servo motor, creating a platform for intercepting incoming objects. The data rate of the implemented interface board is 24.64k symbols/s and the latency for generating commands is about 11ms. The complete system is run only by batteries making it very suitable for robotic applications. 


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