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Interference in Coupled Structures with Strongly Un-balanced Phase Velocities of Normal Waves and its Electromagnetic Analogy with "Tsunami"

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posted on 2022-01-20, 23:01 authored by Nickolay MalyutinNickolay Malyutin, Anton Loschilov, George Malyutin, Timur Sabitov
An analogy is drawn between the appearance of tsunami waves and "slow" waves in coupled structures (CS). Tectonic disturbances, as the cause of tsunami generation, generate "fast" waves similar to those in СS. The assumption is made that it is theoretically possible to give a rapid prediction of the occurrence of a natural disaster on the basis of information about the disturbing factor and environmental parameters. The paper notes the obvious problem of the lack of information about the parameters of the initial conditions of excitation of a rapid wave of tectonic origin in the prediction of tsunamis. It is possible that the considered electrodynamics analogy "Tsunami" will allow, firstly, to put and solve the problem of reconstruction of disturbing impact parameters, since the information about it comes before consequences, secondly, to develop "desktop" model of tsunami for some areas, thirdly, to develop measures to protect the coast by creating devices for diversion of tsunami wave energy part in safe directions.


This study was supported by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education Russian Federation, project no. FEWM-2020-0039, March 1, 2020.

The experimental studies were performed using the equipment of the “Impuls” Shared Access Center.


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