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Introduction to Blockchain and Cryptocurrenncy

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posted on 2020-04-09, 15:58 authored by Vidhi PitrodaVidhi Pitroda, Vraj Shah, Jinan Fiaidhi
In recent years blockchain technology has become mainstream research topic because of its decentralized, peer to peer transaction and anonymity properties. There are several applications of blockchain which are secure and easy as compare to the current techniques. One of the applications is a smart contract. Smart contracts are lines of code which are stored on a blockchain and automatically executed when the conditions defined by the it (developer) are met. This smart contract with the addition of blockchain technology can do task fast and with high security. In this paper we have developed a smart contract for a generalized notary application on solidity, Ethereum and the application is tested using the truffle suite. Furthermore, applications and their methodology for notary applications are also mentioned.


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