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Investigation of the Challenges and Issues of Hydrogen and Hydrogen Fuel Cell Applications in Aviation

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posted on 2021-07-14, 18:44 authored by Fan ZhangFan Zhang, Jon Maddy
Aviation is an vital global industry that generates economic growth, creates jobs and facilitates national and international trade and tourism. During the Covid-19 pandemic, the world had seen a sharp decline in commercial air travel due to the worldwide travel restrictions, lock-down orders and widespread fear of infection. However, there is a rapid increase in the use of UAVs for surveillance, communication, delivery and transport. And the aviation industry is believed to be able to provide valid contribution to the post-pandemic economic recovery. In order to reduce the carbon emission from aviation industry, there is a requirement for more electric aircraft. Hydrogen and fuel cell system's capability of creating a clean road transportation have been widely tested. In this paper, the status of hydrogen and fuel cell utilised in aviation is reviewed, and the challenges and issues are identified for a better integration of the hydrogen and fuel cell system in aviation.


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